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Oh my God it's so soon and I took on two commissions juuuuust before Ayacon hahahahaha nope nope nope can it still be July please? I am so not ready and want to crawl under my covers and hide from my sewing machine and piles of fabric, it doesn't exist, nope XD

So my plans have pretty much drastically changed! New plans ahoy:

Thursday: MEEEEEEE
Friday: Yang (RWBY) OR Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)
Saturday: Yuki (AKB0048)
Sunday: Miki (iDOLMster) AND Sailor Moon (Sailor Moon)

Only gonna bring my Yang cosplay if it can fit in my suitcase! Otherwise I'm not really fussed as I've worn her twice in a row now haha. For the evenings, Friday night is goth night apparently! I'm borrowing an outfit from a friend as the only black clothes I have are formal wear, cardigans and stage crew clothes XD One look in my wardrobe and you will see a sea of blue, white and purple...
Saturday night will either be a cartoon night or I'll rejoin my group in AKB cosplays but with my normal hair - I'm Asian enough to pull off the actual singers, just wrong Asian hahaha :')
And finally Sunday I'm just poshing it up. Feel the need to posh up for at least one of the evenings.

I'm doing shoots all weekend except Sunday but I'm nearly booked up now, but feel free to give me a PM for any limited space I might have! I am especially free Thursday, probably due to no one actually cosplaying that day but hey ho, I'm free as a photog that day anyway.

Oh oh, I have a cosplay facebook page now! It's still very new and I've only just figured out how the hell you post a status OTLLLL. I made it with intentions of making it easier to organise shoots but I became booked up before I could even post up a status, woooops! Maybe next convention XD

Oh, Hyper Japan was fun too. I got to judge the COSParade on Saturday which was a bit of a surprise to friends in it as I didn't really tell anyone and was part of the tech crew on Sunday! Was a lot of fun and after 3 years of attending Hyper Japan I finally got to try some shaved ice! *______* Every single time it was either sold out or the queue was just far too long, you don't know happy I was to get shaved ice. Everyone has to try shaved ice, everyone. It is glorious!

That's about it, see most of you at Ayacon!? :D
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